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Cardamom toxicity


Can cardamom be dangerous?

No, cardamom plant is not dangerous to health, as it is not toxic when consumed in the diet as a spice or medicine.

However, Cardamom is rich in aromatic terpene substances that can cause adverse effects in sensitive persons or when ingested in large amounts.



In the picture: Photo of the whole capsules of Cardamom seeds.


Toxic effects of cardamom

- Cardamom has shown no mutagenic activity.

- In sensitive individuals, cardamom can cause contact dermatitis caused by the content of terpenes in the seed.

- On pregnant women it has been observed that cardamom can have emmenagogue effects. Its use is not recommended during pregnancy.

Cardamom essential oil contains all the aromatic substances concentrated, so, if you take doses higher than those recommended by the therapist, it can easily cause side effects. See the following links:

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punto rojo More information about cardamon in the listing above

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