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Diseases of the circulatory system - Main causes

Diseases affecting the circulatory system are the leading cause of death in the Western world. The increase of these diseases is due to many reasons, but mainly to factors such as:

- Sedentary lifestyle: Lack of physical activity, motivated in part to changing traditional activities requiring physical exertion, for other more sedentary activities and intellectuals, led to the proliferation of cardiovascular disease. A good solution to improve our overall health is to adopt a rational program of daily exercise.

- Obesity and bad eating habits: Similarly the replacement of traditional diets prepared at home using natural products by an industrially prepared products diet, richer in saturated fats that encourage the occurrence of cholesterol and produce a "thickening" of the blood, has resulted in the increase in obesity and these diseases. Back to a healthier diet in which plant components predominate over the animals, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, cereals, preferably wholegrain, in legumes and oils rich in unsaturated fats is a good way to prevent these diseases.

- Stress: The present society, by its competitive character, produces in its citizens a state of emotional tension or stress that affecs health. n this regard, this emotional state leads to increased blood pressure, cause of vascular disease. A new attitude to life less competitive and the adoption of more relaxing habits will help prevent stress.

- Toxics: Among these products we can mentiontobacco, alcohol, coffee, colouring preservatives, air pollution or the excessive drug consumption.

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