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Is cumin toxic?

cumin cuminum cyminum
Photo of cumin grains

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is not toxic when consumed as a spice, or seeds powder supplements. It is considered a safe food.

However, cumin contains medicinal substances which, consumed in excess, can have toxic effects. The only adverse effects may occur by ingesting large quantities of cumin seeds or, most likely, due to the use of its essential oil.

What toxic effects can cumin produce?

Possible toxic effects are produced mainly when using cumin essential oil.

- Neurotoxic effects: cumin contains terpenoids which may have neurotoxic effects.

- Convulsant effects: Cumin essential oil is toxic at high concentrations. It can cause seizures and spasms.

- Phototoxic effects: cumin essential oil may have phototoxic effects because it contains aldehyde cumic (phototoxic effect-irritating). Avoid sun exposure after treatment with essential oil of cumin.

- Irritative effects: cumin essential oil can cause skin irritation or blisters, so dilute it previously.

Warnings of cumin

- Cumin has a number of contraindications. See Contraindications of cumin in the listing above.

More information on cumin toxicity and properties in the listing above.

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