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Characteristics of dry eyes

DRY EYES are those which lack enough lubrication because of the absence of appropriate content in tears. This condition causes pain in your eyes, it is uncomfortable and may be responsible for eye injuries.

Symptoms of dry eyes

The main symptoms of dry eyes are: Eye pain, itching, red eyes, dry eyes, burning eyes, no tears, punctures in the eyes, fatigue, discomfort, light sensibility, difficulty reading, difficulty in watching television, feeling of sand or something strange within the eye, blurred vision, etc.

Although dryness in the eye is a common symptom of this abnormality, sometimes the eyes of people suffering from this problem become full of tears. This is a reaction against the eye dryness, in which the eye produces more lubricant to deal with the lack of tears.

However the characteristics of this lubricant are not so good as the usual one, since it is mainly composed of water.

Causes of dry eyes

The main causes of dry eyes are:

- Eye diseases: Some eye diseases are responsible for dry eye.

- Sjogren syndrome: One of the symptoms characteristic of this disease is the ocular dryness.

- Bad habits: Adopting bad reading habits, working in front of a computer screen, watching television for many hours, working under bad light conditions, etc. are habits that force the view and produce dry eyes (See dry eyes prevention in the listing above)

- Lacking of humidity: Generally, very dry environments produced by air conditioning, the presence of fans, by strong air currents, etc. are responsible for the lack of moisture in the eyes.

Some diseases affect the production of enough tears to lubricate one's eyes properly, such as vascular diseases or arthritis.

- Smoke: The contact of the eyes with the smoke, especially the smoke of tobacco, can originate eye dryness.

- Medicines: Some medicines produce eye dryness.

- Age: Older people often have problems with dry eye. Over the years, the tear glands cease to produce enough liquid so that the eyes are removed.

- Menopause: Menopasic wowen are likely to suffer from this problem.

Diagnostics and treatment of dry eyes

An eye problem first requires a previous visit to a specialist for an opinion on the real causes of the disorder.

The ordinary treatment of dry eyes can be realized by means of artificial lubricants, such as artificial tear drops or artificial ointment (The last one has got a thicker texture, so it is used at night) In other ocassions, some medicines can solve the problem.

When a serious dryness is not solved by the previous methods, closing of the ducts that drain tears out of the eye can be necessary. This is done by placing in the ducts temporary plugs. If this method proves to be effective, permanent silicon plugs can be inserted or surgery can be used to close them permanently.

The natural treatment of dry eyes implies the use of some natural remedies that can prevent it or improve its sympthoms.

punto rojo More information about dry eyes and its natural treatment in the listing above

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