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Dry eyes avoid



Changing work and reading habits is one of the best ways to prevent the onset of visual problems.

The following guidelines may be helpful:

- Avoid eye contact with the smoke of tobacco.

- Avoid wearing contact lenses permanently.

- Wet your eyes with artificial drops as often as needed.

- Moisten the work environment to prevent air dryness.

- Apply cold compresses for 3 minutes three times a day.

- Increase voluntary blinking to increase eye moisture.

- Always read in places with good light and, if possible, with natural light. (The fluorescent light should always be avoided)

- Stop reading occasionally to rest your eyes, fixing it at other points farther than the distance to the paper. Try not to strain your eyes in letters too small. Do not read on motion, for example when traveling.

- When you work at a computer screen, try to rest from time to time, making visual focusing exercises near-far. The screen should never be placed in a higher position that your eyes. Your view should be at 45% angle in relation with the screen.

The position of the head should be right, looking straight ahead, never read or watch a screen on its side. We must avoid reflections as possible, placing it in the best position and a place where there is too much contrast with the background. (Do not place the screen in front of a window facing distant background)

You should use a timer to let us know from time to time that we must rest. (Download the timer from Botanical web)

- When watching television, you have to be placed at a certain distance. There should be lights on and you must rest from time to time.

- Perform outdoor walks for the eyes to come into contact with sunlight (It would be desirable to remove your glasses from time to time during this activity)

- Avoid stress and perform relaxation techniques.

- Avoid eye contact with dirt. Do not rub your eyes with your fingers or the palms of your hands when they bite or are tired. Use clean water only to wash them without detergent or some eye drops, preferably natural.

- Maintain a proper diet, rich in natural foods that must be plenty of vitamins (A, B, C, F) and minerals (zinc). Avoid toxic substances such as alcohol or tobacco.

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