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Characteristics of spoon-shaped nails



Characteristics of spoon-shaped nails


Sometimes nails appear more sunken in the center than at the edges. They are generally called spoon-shaped nails.


Symptoms of spoon-shaped nails


Sunken nails , nails with raised edges, spoon-shaped nails.etc


Causes of spoon-shaped nails


The main causes that lead to the formation of this type of nails are:

- Food problems: A diet, deficient in vitamin A and B, proteins, iron and zinc and calcium seems to be the main cause of this anomaly in the nails

- Body problems: Certain diseases such as anemia, may cause spoon-shaped nails.

- Nail injuries: Pounding of nails against objects can damage the base of the nail, causing abnormal growth.


Prevention of spoon-shaped nails

To prevent sinking nails we would have to consider the following tips:

- Take care of your diet. Use natural foods that provide proteins, vitamins and minerals suitable for good health of the nails.

- Protect your nails with gloves whenever they are going to to be subjected to any possible aggression. When washing up, gloves should be used.

- Take a medical checkup. If spoon shaped nails do not response to the above prevention tips , it is advisable to visit your doctor to diagnose if this anomaly responds to a health problem.

More information about spoon-shaped nails and its natural treatment in the listing above.

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