Aphonia remedies



Useful tips to prevent aphonia

Prolonged changes in voice characteristics must force us to visit the doctor who can diagnose the real causes of this changes. Once the diagnosis is being accomplished, we will use a series of tips that can prevent or remedy voice changes.

Among all the tips, we could mention the following:

- Do not force your voice: Instead of shouting, you should learn to control your breathing and try to use the muscles of the diaphragm more than those of the throat in order not not force the vocal cords.

- Try to apply the proper remedies to solve those conditions of the respiratory system leading to changes in voice. (More information about " Natural treatment of aphonia" in the listing above)

- Do not ingest food or drink products that may cause aphony: Similarly limit consumption of cold water or ice cream in summer. If you are not able to do it, keep ice-creams or cold water for a time in the mouth to warm.

- Cover your throat properly, especially in winter to prevent air currents affect it.

More information about aphonia natural treatment in the listing above.

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