Remedies for oily hair


Home remedies for oily hair


In order to improve scalp health and prevent the development of seborrhea we could follow these recommendations:

- Wash your hair properly: At least once a week and no more than two to avoid it reacting which will produce too much fat.

Your shampoo should not contain detergents. In should be rich in selenium or zinc (Remember not to abandon the treatment if seborrhea seems to disappear)

The best thing to do is to use a natural shampoo (More information about natural shampoos)

- Brush your hair properly: You should use a soft brush. (Best if it is made from camel bristles) Do not use a comb. It could scratch you scalp too much, improving inflammation.

Do not abuse of the dryer, since it can overheat your scalp. Try to minimize hair dyes, lacquers, gels and other similar hair products.

- Increase blood circulation to your scalp. You can help by performing two or three minutes of daily inverted position exercises to facilitate blood flow. To do this lean against the wall, place the body upright with your head down and feet up. Try to remain in this position for some minutes.

- Undertake a healthy diet. Eat natural food, with the presence of many vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating too much animal food. Follow a low-fat diet. Avoid eating seafood. Some plant food, such as citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc..) may not be suitable because sometimes they cause allergic reactions in the scalp, especially in children.

It is recommended a diet rich in vegetables

*More information about this subject on Seborrheic dermatitis diet

- Avoid stress and, if necessary, perform some type of relaxing activity to help overcome it. Sleeping well helps keep hair in good condition (See Natural remedies for stress)

- Treat your hair problems with natural remedies. They can solve some of your hair troubles easily, avoiding the contraindications and side effects that can derive from official treatment products.

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