Digestive diseases natural treatment


Diseases of the digestive track

There are many diseases that can affect the digestive system. We have listed the main ones on the table below: (Click on each for more information.

Those not linked will be published soon.

- Aerophagia: Problems with gases in the digestive track

- Diarrhea: Excessive bowel movements that provoke too much defecation

- Teeth: caries, gingivitis and other dental problems

- Constipation: Too consistent and scarce defecation

- Flatulence: Flatus, meteorism or gas boating.

- Gastritis: Inflammation of the stomach

- Gingivitis: Gums swollen

- Hiatus hernia : Hiatal hernia

- Liver: Liver failure, cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer, etc.

- Indigestion: Problems with digestion of food, stomach ache, etc.

- Gluten intolerance: Celiac disease

- Intestinal parasites: worms, tapeworms, etc.

- Kidneys and bladder: Renal failure, Kidney stones, gallbladder stones, biliary colic, etc..

- Ulcer: Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, mouth ulcer.

- Vomiting: How to prevent vomiting, how to provoke it.

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