Double chin and neck exercises


Exercises to prevent or get rid of double chin

The following exercises are designed to tone the muscles underneath the lower jaw with the intent to prevent or remedy the appearance of jowls.

How to make exercises to tonify your neck muscles

1) Sit on a chair with the torso straight up and your neck holding your head in vertical position.

2) Tighten and release the muscles of the neck for about 10 times. To do this press your tongue against the upper palate. If you put your finger under the jaw, you will notice how the muscles under the jaw become tense or loose. You will also note how the cheek muscles are involved in these movements of tension and relaxation.

3) Relax the muscles under the jaw opening the mouth and moving the lower jaw laterally.

4) Lean your head back, lifting your chin as you stare at the ceiling. In this position, open your mouth and extend your lower jaw outward as much as possible. Press your tongue against the upper palate for 3 or 4 seconds. Relax it. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

5) With the head in the same position, rotate your neck to one side and perform the previous exercise. Relax your jaw, turns your head to the other side and repeat the same exercise.

Timing and effects of this exercise

Practicing this exercise for about 10 minutes a day during 2 or 3 weeks will provide the first signs of muscle change underneath the lower jaw.

By doing this activity habitually, we can shorten the length of the muscles placed under the lower jaw. This also makes the skin that is placed on them to shrink, reducing what is known as jowls.

In this way, we will avoid or minimize skin sagging.

If we combine these exercises with other natural therapies such as the application of an anti-wrinkle masks, or some preparation for flabby skins, we will get a greater effect.

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