Characteristics of body odor

Why is my body smelling badly?

Body odor, specially that of the armpits is a very annoying odor caused primarily by the action of microorganisms that take advantage of environmental conditions of the feet, armpits and genitalia to develop in them.

These body parts are those that have a lot more sweat glands. Buildup of sweat produced by the development of many bacteria, whose metabolism follows a series of gases that are responsible for the odor.

Sweating is a natural process for eliminating toxins from the body and evaporate heat. This is the purpose of eccrine glands – glands that appear mainly in the armpits, soles of the feet and face.

Sweating is shown with more emphasis on certain periods of human life from puberty to the age of 30. The apocrine glands are involved in this process. they appear mainly in the armpits and in groins. They secrete pheromones with a natural objective of sexual attraction.

In today’s society body odor is badly considered hence the proliferation of antiperspirants to decrease the production of body sweat

Symptoms of body odor

The main symptoms of body odor are:

– Bad smell of feet

– Bad smell in armpits,

– Sweaty feet,

– Excessive body sweating

– Sweaty armpits, etc.

What causes body odor in armpits and feet ?

Shoes: Some shoes are equipped with poor ventilation, which will lead to sweat retention which is the necessary breeding ground for the growth of bacteria that cause itching and burning feet.

Inadequate Clothes: Little transpirable clothes do not allow sweat elimination and provokes the appearance of circles of sweat under your arms or armpits with the corresponding odor.

Body Reactions: Many times adverse emotional states are responsible for excessive sweating.

Diseases: Certain diseases, like diabetes, constipation or problems in the liver can cause body odor. Among the characteristic anomalies of the mechanism are sweating hyperhidrosis (sweating in excess) which increases the chances of body odor, and bromidrosis ( unpleasant sweating) Other diseases of the skin (ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc) may be the origin of body odor.

Menopause: It is habitual during the menopause to have moments of intense sweating which may imply some body odor.

Feeding: A deficient diet, poor in natural food, especially those with deficiency in zinc and vitamin B, may be responsible for this odor. Similarly, the intake of foods high in percentage of aromatics and volatile substances, such as onions and garlic, or spices such as cumin, can make the body odor because some of these products are excreted through sweat.

More information on the body odor and its natural treatment in the listing above.

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28 March, 2019

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