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Eye irritation usually occurs in response to a specific eye disease or type of conduct which forces your vision too much. More information.

Prevention of red eyes

Remedies for red irritated eyes


Renal insufficiency is the inability of the kidneys to filter urine. This disease can be acute (it occurs suddenly), chronic or terminal in which case it the health of kidneys uses to be so affected that patients would generaly need kidney transplant or dialysis to enable them to filter waste from one’s body. More information.

Home remedies for renal insufficiency


Restless legs syndrome (Ekborn’s syndrome) it is an unpleasant sensation in the legs that forces us to move them to feel better. Usually this sensation takes place in the lower leg, between the knee and ankle, but it can also affect the top and arms. Sometimes it affects both sides of the body, others only one. More information.

Remedies for Restles Legs Syndrome

Diet for Restles Legs Syndrome


Seborrhea – Seborrheic dermatitis – is a chronic skin inflammation that produces many scales and redness of the affected area with itching and excessive production of fat in some cases and extreme drought in others, although it is vulgarly often associated seborrhea with excess of fat. More information.

How to avoid seborrhea

Seborrhea remedies

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