Natural medicine for Wilson disease

Characteristics of Wilson’s disease

What is Wilson’s disease?

Wilson’s disease or hepatolenticular degeneration is a genetic disease characterized by chronic accumulation of copper in the body.

The excess of copper accumulates in the nervous system, eye, kidney and liver causing diseases to these organs.

Although it is a very rare disease that affects one in every 30,000 people, if not discovered and treated early can be fatal.

Consequences of Wilson’s disease

Among the first organs affected is the liver which can cause liver failure because of the development of hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver destruction.

The copper deposits in the brain or spinal cord are responsible for many neurological damage and memory loss, difficulty of movement, tremors in the extremities, incoordination, speech problems or even dementia.

It is a very serious disease. It may involve physical and mental deterioration of the patient. It affects the autonomy of patients, not responding to adequate treatment, preventing the performance of any kind of work, a usual social life or an autonomous personal life, making the patient dependent on others.

Causes of Wilson disease

The causes of this disease are genetic.

Symptoms of Wilson disease

The disease may initially present the symptoms of hepatitis with which it can confuse: inappetence, general fatigue, general itching, fever, feeling sick, very light yellow stools and dark urine. Liver disease also attacks the spleen causing it to increase in size.

Later symptoms can appear involving the brain or spinal cord injury: poor coordination, tremors, slow movement or difficulties, speech difficulties, swallowing problems, confusion, inappropriate behavior, aggression, depression, suicide attempts, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment of Wilson disease

Besides a physical examination, it may be required a blood test and even liver or kidney biopsy to determine with certainty the existence of this disease.

It is important to diagnose this disease in its advanced stages to slow its development and prevent irreparable damage to affected organs.

The main treatment involves the administration of medications that reduce the amount of copper in the body, either by preventing its absorption and helping your disposal.

Diet for Wilson’s disease

In addition to appropriate medications, it is very important to apply the correct diet for the treatment of this disease.

It essentially consists on controlling the ingestion of food containing copper. (More information about Wilson’s disease diet in the listing above)

The following list contains a reference to this mineral-rich foods that the patients of Wilson should be avoided.

– Foods rich in copper

– Vitamin E supplements may be of interest to alleviate the damage that can cause disease in the liver.

– You must completely abandon the use of alcohol.

– You should not drink more mineral water containing 100 mg of copper per liter.

Tap water is also not very convenient because it contains large amounts of copper by dissolution of rocks and water pipes. Best drink demineralized water.

– Do not use copper utensils

The natural treatment of Wilson disease involves using a series of natural resources that help prevent it. They can also contribute to cure it or improve its symptoms.

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28 March, 2019

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