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Characteristics of AIDS


AIDS or ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME is a disease of an infectious nature caused by a virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV). Affects the immune system , which deteriorates the patient is very susceptible to infections and cancers.

Symptoms of AIDS

Symptoms can be varied during the different stages of disease development.

- Stage 1 (Stage of infection- seroconversion): It is the moment you get infected. No symptoms are present during this stage or sometimes they are similar to a short flu. HIV antibody test during this stage may not be positive.

- Stage 2 (acute retroviral syndrome): This is the stage when the virus enters the lymph nodes that appear between 7 and 40 days after exposure and lasts from 15 to 40 days. Among the most characteristic symptoms of this stage we can point out:

- Fatigue

- Weight loss

- Recurrent respiratory diseases: (sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis,)

- Fever

- Digestive system problems

- Repetitive mouth ulcers

- Seborrhea

- Nail fungus

- Inflammation of the meninges and lymph nodes,

- Etc.

- Stage 3 (Latency stage): It is a stage where the disease is spreading along 10 years. Among the most characteristic symptoms we have:

- Weakness

- Chronic fatigue

- Poor appetite


- Fever

- Constant diarrhea

- Swollen glands

- Gingivitis

- Weight loss

- Feeling of heaviness and numbness in arms and legs, kidney, digestive, etc.

- Stage 4 (End period): stage in which the immune system is so weakened that a number of diseases can appear during it because they take advantage of this weakness to manifest. Among the most common one we have:

- Pneumonia

- Tuberculosis

- Chickenpox

- Herpes

- Oral thrush

- Syphilis

- Meningitis

- Mental disorders

- Articulatory disorders

- Cancers: (The most characteristic one is the Kaposi sarcoma which is characterized by the typical dark red spots on skin)

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