Tricks to heal chilblains

Some advice to cure childblains


How to prevent the onset of chilblains?

To prevent the formation of chilblains, in addition to carefully examine the possible existence of a circulation problem, we should consider the following tips:

  • Avoid exposure to cold for a long time and hand contact with ice or very cold or frozen objects.

  • Do not stay in the open completely static. If you have to do it, try to make some movement around the body or, if not possible, the members.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes, protecting the most sensitive to heat loss (head neck, nose, dark circles, "hands and feet) should be used on a hat, a scarf or ski mask to cover the entire head and gloves or mittens to protect hands.

Appropriate shoes are those that do not let in moisture and socks that absorb the excess of this and protect from the cold outside. Clothing or shoes should not be to tight, which will prevent proper blood circulation.

In general, it is believed that wearing tight shoes and tight fitting is best to warm your feet. This is not true. Clothes or shoes should not stifle the body because it prevents the flow of blood adequately. People who suffer from chilblains should not wear tight shoes or socks. It is better to use loose wool socks and shoes that are slightly larger in size than would normally be used.

cold place
In cold places, appropriate clothing is necessary to prevent childblains
  • Do physical exercise to improve circulation of blood in the feet.

  • Eat healthy: a healthy, rich diet in vegetables and fruits, with a great amount of vitamin D can help to have better blood circulation.

How to improve the symptoms of chilblains?

  • Increase peripheral circulation: Some exercises can be done to achieve this goal. We can rotate the arm in a circle to make the blood flow to the hands and fingers. We can also perform large rotations of the legs to improve blood circulation in the feet or toes.

  • Heat light childblains: When chilblains are not serious, they can be improved with warming. Massages with the hands or a dry heat source can be provided.

    Covering your hands with good mittens can improve o prevent childblains
  • Alcohol and chilblains? A little wine or alcohol in adults can help their circulation. However, there is a risk of excessive drinking and the occurrence of the opposite effect.

  • Suitable treatment of the serious wounds: If one assumes that the wound produced by the cold is serious and can be a frostbite, you must cover the affected area to provide clothing and hot liquids. Never give drink alcohol. Do not rub the wound or apply direct heat source such as a radiator or stove fire.

Other home remedies to relieve the pain of chilblains

cold place
Potato pulp is very good to treat childblains
  • Perform foot baths, with hot water alternating with cold water.

  • Boil some potatoes. Use boiled water to wash the affected zones.

  • Make smashed potatoes. Cover chilblains with it.

  • Apply compresses soaked with urine.

  • Before going to bed, put cold compresses on your feet for 5 minutes. Then, replace them with warm compresses. Alternate treatments for 20 minutes. Later, go to bed and cover very well.

  • Before going to bed, peel a cucumber and apply the inside of the bark in the affected area. Cover with cheesecloth to get to stay there all night.

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