Colon cancer food to avoid

What should not to be eaten with colon cancer


Guidelines for proper feeding

The following table emphasizes the importance of adequate nutrition, followed by guidelines to be avoided and strengthened, so that the nutrition of the colon cancer patient can be the best and most adequate.

Therefore, the food to follow and avoid should be:



Very copious meals

Distribute meals throughout the day by 6 shots and in small intakes.

Foods with insoluble fiber, which increase the intestinal rhythm.

Food with soluble fiber, which increases the consistency of feces (quince).

Food with saturated, trans or hydrogenated fat.

Foods with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Drinks with gas, alcoholic beverages or irritants like coffee.
(Coffee and tea are counterproductive because they favor the kidney eliminating more water and salt, increasing their losses).

Add salt to meals, except specific contraindication of the doctor.

Foods containing lactose.

Distribute throughout the day, 1.5-2.5 liters of water divided into several intakes and in small intakes, separated from meals.

Legumes and foods that cause flatulence.

Varied diet, rich in antioxidants (vitamin A, C and E and minerals like zinc and selenium) for a correct recovery of the mucosa.

Whole-grain foods.

Refined foods with less insoluble fiber.

Difficult digestion foods (fried, stews, batter,...).

Easily digestible foods (boiled, steamed, microwave...).

Fasting or skipping a meal generates more gas, more fluid stools and does not stop stools.

Regular meal times.

Foods rich in sugars (simple carbohydrates), honey, sweeteners like sorbitol, promote diarrhea

Complex carbohydrates(not whole) to reduce the irritative character of the stool.

Very cold or very hot foods.

Food at room temperature.

Eat quickly.

Eat calmly and chew properly to facilitate digestion.

Stretch out right after eating.

Remain seated resting food (about 30 minutes after eating).

Using laxatives, would cause a very serious loss of control, diarrhea with massive loss of electrolytes and nutrients.

Regulate amounts, less amount from the evening, can help sleep better.

Pennyroyal and chamomile infusions.

Infusions of mint, lemon verbena and and linden

Proinflammatory foods.

Anti-inflammatory foods..

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