How to avoid foot odor

Tips to avoid smelling feet

Why do feet stink?

Foot odor is the result of the increase of microorganisms in our feet. The increased sweating in the feet by improper footwear, dirt on the skin or intense exercise, etc. creates a breeding ground where odor-causing microorganisms develop.

Taking care of your feet in summer
Taking care of your feet and using adequate shoes, especially during summer, is the best way to avoid your feet smell badly

How not to get your feet smelly?

To avoid the conditions that are responsible for the growth of microorganisms on our feet we should take into account the following tips:

- Wear appropriate footwear: Avoid shoes that squeeze the feet too much, preventing normal blood circulation and feet ventilation. We need to avoid excessive sweating in this area.

- Wear breathable shoes: Wear shoes made ​​with natural leather allowing the evaporation of sweat. Rubber shoes are unwise. Sports shoes should only be used for sports.

- Change shoes regularly, even a few times a day, giving time to the used shoes to be aired.

- Dress your feet appropriately: Make use of cotton socks to absorb sweat.

- Be careful with hygiene in public places: Prevent the feet to rest on the ground, since it may be contaminated by bacteria or fungi. The use of slippers in public places is essential.

- Clean your feet and and toes properly: Clean your feet with a not too aggressive soap and dry them well, especially between the toes.

- Maintain a frequent body hygiene: If you use to sweat a lot,, you should wash your body a few times a day.

- Wear appropriate clothing to promote the body perspiration and prevent the accumulation of sweat.

- Avoid eating foods that cause body odor: Avoid ingestion of foods like garlic, onions or strong spices, which can be eliminated through sweating. Avoid ingestion of toxic stimulants like coffee.

non-adequate shoes for summer
Using sports shoes without socks is not adequate to prevent foot sweat and bad smell Socks should be worn, preferably cotton socks and shoes with a good ventilation.

Tricks to remove bad odor of your shoes

- Put a layer of oatmeal inside your shoes overnight to absorb the odor.

- Grind some dried sage leaves and put them inside the shoe at night.

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