Hyperactivity symptoms


What are the mains symptoms of child hyperactivity syndrome?

Child hyperactivity is a condition in which perception can be subjective, and therefore must be detected by a third expert party, usually the teacher, psychologist, pediatrician or physician. The main symptoms of child hyperactivity syndrome are:

- Impulsivity to speak, interrupting conversations

- Answering questions before being put away.

- Impatience or anxious behavior.

- Inattention

- School failure

- Problems of adaptation to school, college or work.

- Increased difficulty in making friends.

- Low self-esteem

- Learning disorders (e.g. dyslexia)

- Do not pay attention, "daydreaming"

- Forgetfulness, forget everyday tasks.

- They neglect the presentation of the work and / or reading comprehension mistakes due to a frequent inattention.

- Easily distracted even when you make games or activities they enjoy.

- Forget the lost objects.

- Difficulty ongoing mental activities: math, reading, writing exercises, etc..

- Difficulty to do homework and achieve the school tasks daily.

- Disobedience and difficulty following instructions or rules (e.g. a game).

- Disruptive behavior may occur, challenging or aggressive in some cases, and being involved in fights (teenagers).


What are the mains symptoms of hyperactivity in adults?

- Difficulty in maintaining a stable relationship.

- Drug abuse, alcoholism

- Depression

- Antisocial behavior

- Sudden mood changes

- Anxiety

- Sleep Disorders

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