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Characteristics of male infertility

Male INFERTILITY is the inability of man to produce offspring. 35% of cases of infertility in couples is due to male infertility.

Symptoms of male infertility

- Inability to get women pregnant

Causes of male infertility

There are many causes that can lead to male infertility.

The main ones are the following: impotence or inability to maintain the penis erect which prevents penetration, sperm defects, physical illnesses, abnormalities of the genital tract, ingestion of toxins, etc.

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Diagnostics and treatment of male infertility

For a member of a couple to be considered sterile, there must be at least a period of one year during which relations have been kept unprotected and well timed, but no pregnancy has been obtained.

After this time period it is appropriate for both, man and woman, to be subjected to some medical studies to diagnose a possible infertility.

The doctor, in addition to the relevant general and genital physical examination, may request other tests such as blood and urine or semen tests. This last test will verify, among other parameters, wealth, morphology and sperm motility.

General health treatments:

Firstly it is intended that both partners present a good physical or mental health. It is desirable that both men and women manifest the doctor any possible physical problem that must be treated properly.

The mental health of both partners is very important. They will have to avoid stress or nervousness, getting rid of any tension an "obligation" of a pregnancy may suppose.

The general health and reproductive capacity of the couple depends largely on the diet. Proper nutrition can promote fertility. (See "Diet for infertility" in the listing above)

Frequent sexual relations favors fertility. There is evidence that infertility rates are higher in those with few sex. In this sense it is fundamental that the intercourse takes place in the days when a woman is fertile, that is when ovulation has occurred. To find out when this occurs, you can use some of the methods known as, calendar, cervical mucus or basal temperature measurement.

Specific treatments:

Sometimes the problems that lead to male infertility are more serious and require a more specific treatment. For example, in case of varicocele, the man can be subjected to a surgical procedure that may solve the problem in 25% of cases.

In the case of testicles that have not fallen enough into the scrotum (cryptorchidism), surgery should be carried out to remove the affected testicle because it can develop testicular cancer. The other testicle may be enhanced, in case of not being affected, to ensure fertility.

Surgical interventions can solve other obstructive problems, such as blocked vas deferens, or other problems of poor malformations as penis malformations (hypospadias).

In case of infections, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics will be administered. If the lack of sperm is due to a hormonal problem, this can be solved by using hormones or drugs that stimulate the creation of sperm.

In any case, when the above treatments fail, the couple should know that they could try other reproductive methods such as artificial insemination or artificial reproduction.

The natural treatment of infertility involves the use of a series of natural resources that help increase fertility in men or women.

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