Home remedies for metritis

Inflamation of the uterus


Characteristics of metritis

Metritis is a disease of the female genitalia consisting of inflammation of the uterus

Symptoms of metritis

The main symptoms of metritis are: Weight in the abdomen, flow, too lasting menstruations.

Causes of metritis

The main causes of metritis are:

- Abortions

- Microorganisms, such as the gonococcus - Neisseria ghonorrhoeae -, that produces gonorrhea.

- Tumors (Before this possibility, in front of the previous symptoms, gynecological revision is recommended)

PHYTOTHERAPY: Herbal remedies for the inflammations of the uterus

External use medicinal plants for metritis

- Holm oak: (Quercus ilex L. subsp ilex) Vaginal wash with decoction of 40 gr. of bark per quart of water.

- Spreading pellitory: (Parietaria judaica L.) Vaginal washing with the infusion of 50 gr. of the plant.

- Yarrow: (Achillea millefolium L.) Sitz baths with infusion of flowering tops.

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