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What are deodorants?

Body odor, at other times seen as attractive, in modern society is very bad considered and it is a cause of rejection for those who possess it.

Paradoxically, we are trying to eliminate a body odor that has the biological function of attraction, by the action of feromones.

Whether or not these odors help to boost attraction, what is really true are the efforts of modern civilization to disguise "bad smells" using deodorants.

In what part of our body does sweat usually appear?

Sweating usually occurs with greater intensity in

- Underarms

- Genitals

- Feet

- Sweat through dresses when it is hot

- Sweat all over the body when the heat is extreme, when we do a physical work or other mental or physical situations are implied.

Why does sweat smell badly?

Body odor is a very annoying odor caused primarily by the action of microorganisms that take advantage of environmental conditions of the feet, armpits and other parts of the body to develop in them. These body parts are those that have a lot more sweat glands. Buildup of sweat produced by the development of many bacteria, whose metabolism follows a series of gases that are responsible for the odor.

Sweating is a natural process for eliminating toxins from the body and evaporate heat. This is the purpose of eccrine glands - glands that appear mainly in the armpits, soles of the feet and face.

Sweating is shown with more emphasis on certain periods of human life from puberty to the age of 30. The apocrine glands are involved in this process. they appear mainly in the armpits and in groins. They secrete pheromones with a natural objective of attraction.

In today's society body odor is badly considered hence the proliferation of antiperspirants to decrease the production of body sweat

What are the better antiperspirants?

It is better to use antiperspirants without alcohol and consider whether they can be allergic, reason why you must try on a small amount before rubbing the armpits well. Hypoallergic deodorants (those that do not produce allergy) are more recommended, because they do not contain alcohol nor perfume.

Antiperspirants that are industrially manufactured should not be abused. The maximum should be a couple of times a day.

Antiperspirants are well suited for those who have excessive sweating.

When should we use a deodorant?

Only use them after a good personal hygiene, having bathed or showered, or thoroughly cleaned after the area where you have to apply it.

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