Pain characteristics

What is pain?


Characteristics of pain

Pain is an unpleasant sensation experienced by our bodies. It occurs when the brain receives the signal from the point of pain through the sensory nerves.

It is a defense of the organism itself, as this informs the brain that something is wrong. It may have a physical origin as a result of illness or injuries, or it can have an emotional origin.

Symptoms of pain

The following two are among the most prominent and common symptoms:

- Severe pain that occurs during a short period and usually responds to a specific disease or body injury. It is a defense of the organism, as this informs the brain that something is not working properly. Pain relievers usually relieve this pain. (Acute pain)

- Pain of longer duration that exists permanently but appears with more intensity in certain periods. It is often caused by depression.

Sometimes it responds to a particular physical disease and others it does not. It is not a defense of the body and is very difficult to alleviate with procedures that would be useful in acute pain. (Chronic Pain)

Causes of pain

The causes of pain can be very different, but they are fundamentally classified into three types:

- Pain produced in the joints, muscles, skin and viscera (Somatic pain)

- Pain of the nerves (Neuropathic pain)

- Pain involving a state of depression or anxiety, although initially its origin may have been physical (Psychogenic pain)

Diagnosis and treatment of pain

Pain management requires specialized attention when it does not improve, so the doctor can diagnose the real causes of this pain and apply the most appropriate treatment.

Natural pain treatment involves using a series of natural resources that can provide relief.

Different types of pain

There are many types of pain, since most diseases, wounds or body lesions manifest themselves through pain. However, there are some types of pain that generally appear more frequently.

In the following chart you can see the main commonly suffered types of pain. Click anyone of them to obtain a description and the most suitable natural treatment.


Muscles and sinews
Muscular atrophy Bones and joints
Fibromyalgia Joint pain
Spasms/ache/cramps Back or spine ache
Muscular distensions and tears Neck pain
Tendinitis Sprains
bursitis Dislocations
Stomach ache Period pains
Sore throat Headache
Toothache Migraine

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