Salpingitis home remedies



Characteristics of salpingitis

SALPINGITIS is a female genital tract disease involving the inflammation of the fallopian tubes. Also known as acute pelvic inflammatory disease (EPI)

It is a disease that affects many women, being the adolescents those that have a higher probability of developing it.

It is one of the causes that can produce female infertility.

Symptoms of salpingitis

The main symptoms of salpingitis are: Flow, heaviness in the stomach, fever...

Causes of salpingitis

The main causes of salpingitis are

- Abortion

- Infections of the vagina, such as gonorrhea.

- Problems of postpartum

PHYTOTHERAPY: Herbal remedies for the inflammation of the fallopian tubes

External use

Yarrow:(Achillea millefolium L.) Sitz baths with the infusion of the flowering tops.

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