Tuberculosis symptoms


Symptoms of tuberculosis

Only 10% of patients infected with tuberculosis show diagnosable and visible symptoms, other patients do not exhibit symptoms already apparent and conclusive in X-rays or other tests.

This may entail that this disease remains hidden for months and years.

The symptoms that the patient may have are:

- Sneezing

- Cough

- Bloody sputum or mucus with blood

- Chest pain (in the lungs)

- Difficulty breathing correctly


- Cold sweat

- Fever (not very high)

- Fatigue, weakness and exhaustion

- Anemia

- Loss of appetite

- Decreased body weight

- Infection of the lymph nodes in the neck with the appearance of pus-filled bumps.

Diagnosis of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is diagnosed through a test on the skin, with two possible different substances. One is a substance called tuberculin, extracted from the same tuberculosis bacillus. The other is a purified protein derivative, called PPD.

Upon contact with the antigen of the bacterium, the body reacts with a rash when the patient is infected, but this test does not activate the disease.

This diagnostic systems are not 100% reliable, not 100% effective, but help us to diagnose the disease.

It is usually confirmed with a chest X-ray, where you can see some caverns in the lungs, distinguishing this disease.

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