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In the natural treatment of vaginismus we can use a variety of herbal remedies that will help women to reduce involuntary contractions of vaginal muscles or facilitate the healing of those infections that cause pain during intercourse.

It is also important to adopt an open mind on the sexual relationship to discard those taboos and prejudices that prevent a good harmony in the family. An understanding attitude towards the couple and a good dialogue between both members may help facilitate the relationship.

No less important are the prelude to love and those techniques that promote sexual penetration. All these aspects, discussed in the sections of the list above, will promote making intercourse becomes a pleasurable act.

In addition to these aspects, it may be necessary a series of exercises that help relax the vaginal muscles, eliminating involuntary muscle contractions of the entrance to the vagina, and make difficult intercourse easy and pleasant

How to relax the muscles of the vagina?

Relaxation exercises of the vaginal muscles are very important for the treatment of vaginismus, irrespective of the causes that could origin this disorder. These exercises, called Kegel exercises, help to eliminate involuntary and facilitate intercourse.

Relaxation through plastic dilators: To complete these exercises you can use a series of plastic dilators of increasing size to be progressively introduced in the vagina. In this type of exercise the two members of the couple should take part and they must be supervised by a sexologist.

The objective is to be able to diminish the involuntary reflex of the vaginal muscles and provide them greater elasticity. After a few sessions, these exercises should be completed with the introduction of the penis without causing pain to probe that the exercises have been useful.

Relaxation through your fingers: More immediate is the dilation technique which uses the fingers of the woman herself. Women can do these exercises in the privacy and when they feel more relaxed. For it is recommended that women do the following:

Exercises to relax the muscles of the vagina

Individual sessions:

- Get naked and squat on the floor or on the bed. Your knees should be bent and your feet flat on the bed or support on the ground.

- Lubricate the index finger. Use a water soluble lubricant. Do not use Vaseline. You can use olive or sesame oil.

- Insert the tip of your finger in your vagina.

- Exert force on your finger as if to defecate.

- Let your finger still inside the vagina for one minute. Try to feel it inside.

- Insert your finger a bit until you reach the first knuckle.

- Exert force on the finger with the muscles of your vagina. Imagine you are pissing and try to stop the flow of your urine.

- Put your finger a little more. Tighten and relax the vaginal muscles. Remove your finger and close the session.

You can perform this exercise several sessions until you feel you makes it easy, you feel no pain and your able for yourself to control your vaginal muscles.

- Once you feel you can repeat the same process by introducing a couple of fingers.

- Repeat the sessions until you can do normally with a couple of fingers.

Sessions with your partner:

Once you feel capable of doing it on your own, ask your partner to do the following:

- Ask your partner to lubricate a finger.

- Ask your partner to insert the lubricated finger into your vagina.

- If you feel comfortable with the finger of your partner and you are able to contract and relax your muscles, your partner should insert two fingers.

- Repeat the session until you feel comfortable with your partner's fingers in your vagina.

- Once you feel comfortable, and immediately after removal of two fingers, insert his penis.

If you have properly done the previous exercises, you will probably not have any trouble and you will not feel pain.

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