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Swollen wrist

What is wrist pain?

It's a pain that affects the wrist area, manifested especially after a work and, in some cases, only in you move your hand.

Causes of wrist pain?

The main causes of wrist pain include:

- Carpal tunnel syndrome:

It originates by inflammation of the area of ​​the wrist bones (carpal bones) which produces a compression of the nerve that is responsible for the movement and sensation of the hand and wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an occupational disease of great importance, affecting 250,000 workers per year in the U.S. This is because any person performing repetitive hand efforts is at risk of suffering it. (Tennis players, cooks, computer workers, etc.)

- Arthritis:

Arthritis causes inflammation of the joints and, in many cases, the inflammation affects the wrist area.

- Gout:

Uric acid crystals are deposited in the joints. When this occurs, it can be responsible for the inflammation that involves the wrist, causing pain in this area.

- Pseudogout: It looks like a gout attack, but in this case, which are deposited in the joints are calcium crystals.

- Sprains, strains, tendinitis, trauma, bursitis, bumps, etc..

When the wrist suffers any of the injuries mentioned above, it becomes inflamed and manifests swelling and pain.

Symptoms of wrist pain

- Initially it may cause mild, intermittent symptoms, with sharp pain and tingling in the palms.

- Lack of tact or tenderness in your fingertips.

- Pain in the wrist, hand or fingers. Throbbing pain in the wrist.

- Weakness and loss of strength in the hands.

- Inability to grasp things with your hands.

- Doll or swollen fingers.

- Tingling in the fingers.

- Dry and pale hand.

- Raynaud's phenomenon.

Wrist pain natural treatment

- Applying ice to the area may reduce swelling and relieve pain.

- Use pain medications sold in pharmacies. If you prefer, there are remedies with plants that can reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

- Follow a diet recommended for each of the above conditions that cause wrist pain. Avoid excessive protein and additives such as tartrazine. (See antiinflammatory diet)

* More information on remedies and treatment in the listing above.

Recommended daily activity to prevent wrist pain

- Use ergonomic accessories whenever possible, such as keyboards and adapted computer mice, for example. A specialist can advise on suitable alternatives.

- Do not perform very vigorous and repetitive hand activities.

- Avoid being performing manual tasks for more than two hours.

- Make stops of five minutes when performing manual tasks.

- Ergonomic position of the hands when working with your computer (hand and wrist should be placed in a flat angle, both typing and using the mouse).

- Perform strengthening exercises for the wrists

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