Prevent double chin


- Avoid being obese or overweight: Obesity is the main enemy for the development of jowls. Excessive fat accumulates in the neck and below the lower jaw causing excessive weight on it.

As time passes, this excess of weight weakens the muscles of this area that loses elasticity and sags to form the typical double chin.

Although the loss of muscle elasticity of the area beneath the lower jaw is common as we grow older, the accumulation of fat can accelerate the process, so double chin does not only worse in older people with overweight but also occur in young people with obesity or overweight.

(More information about the ideal weight)

- Choose a diet with natural foods in order not to gain weight: The best diet is that one that provides all the nutrients the body needs with a moderate caloric consumption. Following this diet we can ensure our body health and avoid obesity or overweight. (See information on weight-loss diet)

- Choose a diet with natural foods to promote skin care: A proper diet can not only manage body weight, it can also provide the best nutrients for your skin to be healthy. (See study on food for the skin)

- Increase the exercise to reduce fat and reaffirm the muscles and skin: Combined with a proper diet, physical exercise can make you loose excessive weight a reaffirm your muscles and your skin. On the other hand, exercise can get rid you of personal stress, a factor that can be very negative for skin health.

- Perform neck exercises to tonify muscles under your jaw: Some exercises specially aimed for the neck muscles can be very helpful (More information about Exercises for double chin)

- Protect skin of the neck and jaw with a good sunscreen: Sunscreens are designed to protect us against the pernicious effect of ultraviolet rays. In opposition to ultraviolet rays, we can choose to cover our body with clothes that protect us (hats, caps, etc.) or use a sunscreen.

Sunscreens are filters that permit our skin to be exposed to sun so that it can be suntanned properly and, at the same time, it can be more protected from burns, erythema, aging or the development of melanomas. (More information on sunscreens and sunburn prevention)

- Avoid sun exposure during the middle of the day Since excessive or inadequate sun expose is the best enemy for the skin, it is very important not to expose to it during those hours with maximum solar radiation, that is to say, from 11 AM to 15 PM (See other important measures for sunburn prevention)

- Apply herbal remedies and carry out facial massages: Their task is to stimulate circulation in the affected areas to promote nutrition and encourage cell renewal. The technique of massages is basically the same that it is generally recommended for facial wrinkles (See information on this topic)

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