Prevent motion sickness

How to avoid being motion sickness

Tips to avoid motion sickness

- Take care of your diet: Very heavy or unattractive meals can increase motion sickness Nausea that these kind of meals produce are one of the main causes that prevents motion sickness to stop.

Alcohol increases the chances of getting dizzy, as well as tobacco or stimulants. Chewing gum only helps to boost the amount of saliva that, when swallowed, stimulates gastric movements of the stomach and can cause nausea. It is not appropriate to eat fast which can cause heartburn.

- Try to prevent too much movement: If we move a lot during a trip, we can worsen the situation. It is best to stay seated and quiet. If we usually get dizzy on the bus or car, it is better to sit in the front seat and not to look sideways. since sight is more is more likely to coordinate with moving objects.

- Avoid sudden movements: Sometimes, when we make very sudden movements, we can become a little giddy. It is best to get used to make quieter movements to avoid them.

- Do not read when traveling: It is better not to read while traveling or at least read the book well supported in the legs and looking down, without any possibility that our side vision captures the external motion.

- Focus on a particular point inside the vehicle: When you travel, if you feel dizzy, you can quit your sight from outside and fix your vision at some specific point within the vehicle. This technique allows the mind and eye to be coordinated to avoid dizziness.

- Do not put on to many clothes or stayed in too hot places: The sensation of heat increases the chances of dizziness and vomiting. It is better to wear light clothing and, if you travel in your own car, do not warm it up too much. If you travel in a public transportation, if possible, as in the case of ships, you had better seek some fresh air.

- Try to control the situation: Many of these feelings are personal and psychological. Some people experience motion sickness more than others in the same situation. Many people have become aware of this and can control it. In any case, you had better not think you're going to be sick. Try to focus your mind in pleasant situations. There are therapies available to get used to motion sickness

- Rest well before you leave: If your body is well rested, you will be able to adapt to the movement better. You must try to sleep well the night before the trip so that your body is not tired when doing it.

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