How to prevent skin sagging


Tips to firm your skin

Among all them, we could mention the following:

- Undertake a massage therapy : Body massages stimulate circulation in the affected areas to promote skin nutrition and encourage cell renewal. You can find a massage therapist who will provide you best techniques to firm your sagging skin. These massages are basically the same as that recommended for facial wrinkles (Made with the fingertips:

- From the center of the forehead to the temples. (To treat wrinkles on the forehead)

- From the sides of the eyes to the temples (to treat crow's feet)

- From the ends of the nose to the ears (for wrinkles of the mouth)

- Increase physical activity: regular physical exercise produces a reaffirmation of the muscles which results in a better outward appearance of the skin.

- Perform therapeutic water showers: The pressurized water jets on the most flaccid help increase blood circulation, plump skin and muscles. The best thing to do is to look for professional places, such spas and wellness centers.

- Improve your nutrition: A more natural diet, rich in natural foods, provide the necessary nutrients to the cells of muscles and skin. (More information about wrinkles diet)

- Avoid too high exposure to the sun: The sun's rays are mainly responsible for the degeneration of the skin. The prolonged sun exposure too routinely and especially in times of higher solar radiation, causes skin aging and consequent appearance of wrinkles, skin spots, saggy skin and, in most extreme cases, sunburns or even skin cancer.

Our skin requires moderate exposure to stay healthy, but very harmful exposures are inadequate. It's good to sunbathe for about 10 minutes each day during the hours of less intense sunlight. However, if we want to take the sun for longer, we must protect ourselves from the sunrays or protect our skin with a proper sun screen.

- Avoid your skin to become dry: Skin dryness is the worst enemy for your skin health. It is responsible for many skin anomalies, such as wrinkles or skin sagging. Softening your skin with moisturizing creams is the best way to prevent their appearance. (More information about masks for wrinkles)

- Avoid stress: Stress is responsible for the appearance of many wrinkles, especially those that appear on the face - forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, wrinkles around the mouth, etc -. A tense situation weakens the collagen fibers or impede its regeneration which give rise to adverse phenomena such as flabby skin.

We should use all proper remedies in our power to de-stress the body. A more relaxed attitude towards life and a new way of dealing with problems will provide us a more balanced psyche, which will be reflected in a better condition of our skin. (More information about natural treatment of stress)

- Use natural treatments: Natural remedies can help you delay or prevent skin sagging.

When these techniques or food and life habits do not result in a noticeable improvement, you can use other techniques like the use of surgery.

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