Shingles natural treatment


To treat shingles, in addition to using proper medication or take into account the natural treatment, we can consider the following tips:

- Wash the wounds with cold water: In general, it is recommended not to use any other disinfectant that has not been prescribed by your doctor in order not to worsen your injuries.

Consult your doctor the possibility of using herbal remedies for washing your shingles lesions. (More information on these plants in the listing above)

A daily wash with cold water will help keep the wounds clean. To remove the pain and itching it is more effective to wash the affected area with cold water. You can also relieve burning by putting some ice in a plastic bag and applying it over the affected area. Blisters should be maintained moist to promote healing.

- Take a bath before going to bed: Another resource that works well is to take a 20 minutes bath in the tub after spilling a bag of oatmeal or cornstarch. By doing this, you can relax your body and you will surely sleep better.

- Use some home remedy to help your wounds heal: For example, apple cider vinegar, applied with a soft sponge on the wounds can aid them heal. Healing can also be promoted by applying them a mixture of baking soda and water.

- Treat your wounds to avoid infection: If wounds become infected, hydrogen peroxide can be used pure or diluted with water to disinfect.

- Wear appropriate underwear: wounds need to have good ventilation so they can heal. The best clothing is that one which allows good aeration. Use fresh natural fibers like cotton in your underwear. Synthetic garments do not favor air to renew.

Loose-fitting clothing is also necessary to prevent blisters to be pressed.

- Prevent spreading herpes to others: You should avoid your sores to touch other people, especially pregnant women or people who have never had chickenpox to avoid them to become infected. To make this possible it is very important to cover your wounds. If case you touched your wounds with your hands, something which is never desirable, you must wash them well with soap and water.

- Avoid stressful situations: Herpes is a nervous disease. The states of nervousness or stress worsen the symptoms and allow the new outbreaks. You will try to relax to help your wounds heal sooner.

- Obtain prompt medical attention at the first symptoms: Shingles can evolve and affect delicate body parts such as eyes. At first signs, you should visit your doctor to obtain suitable treatment. Since this is a very painful disease, you should take some kind of painkiller to avoid adding more stress to your body.

More information about herpes and its natural treatment in the listing above.

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