How to relax your teeth

Relax your teeth with natural methods


Exercises to relax your jaws and teeth

In addition to an appropriate herbal medicine to help relax the body of the person suffering teeth grinding, we can perform a series of exercises that can help ease the tension of the jaws and, therefore, improve or prevent bruxism. Among all, we can mention the following:

- Massages to relax the jaws: Massage the jaw with the tips of the fingers turning from right to left.

- Massages to relax the neck and the face: Massage the back of the neck with the fingertips, starting with the area where the neck connects to the hair and let his fingers run down. Massage the forehead, brow area or temples.

- Application of cold or heat on the jaws: Applying a warm or cold cloth on the jaws for a while helps to relax the area.

- Pressure of the tongue in the palate: If you press the center of the upper palate, just where it meets the teeth, with the tip of the tongue for 1 minute, you get your upper jaw relaxed. Then repeat the process with the lower jaw.

Natural therapies to relax your jaws and teeth

Apart from these self-help techniques we can use a number of other resources:

- Physical exercise: It is well recognized the importance of exercise as a release of endorphins, natural hormones with similar properties to other chemical stimulants produce a sense of well being. However, inadequate physical activity may be a cause for higher stress. A professional should establish a pattern of exercise which is right for this positive outcome in the treatment of stress.

- Music therapy: it consists of using music as a relaxing resort.

- Relaxing massages: They are very useful to alleviate stress, especially when they are combined with the application of essential oils and when they are performed by specialists.

- Bach flowers remedies: A specialist in this therapy can help in the treatment of stress

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