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How to treat foot odor naturally

What is foot odor?

Smelly feet depend mainly on the type of shoes used and foot hygiene. Body odor, especially on the feet and armpits, is a very offensive odor caused primarily by the action of microorganisms that prey on the environmental conditions of the feet.

Feet are one o the body parts with many more sweat glands, along with armpits and genitals. The accumulation of this sweat produces the development of many bacteria, whose metabolism produces a number of gases that are responsible for very bad smell.

Perspiration is a natural process to eliminate toxins from the body and evaporate heat. The eccrine glands - glands that appear mainly in the armpits, soles and face - meet this purpose. Sweating is shown with more emphasis on certain periods of human life from puberty to age 30.

Involved in this process apocrine glands - glands that appear mainly in feet and armpits- with the emission of pheromones with a natural aim of sexual attraction.

In today's society body odor is considered bad hence the proliferation of deodorants that try to mask the smell or the presence of antiperspirants that tend to reduce sweating.

taking care of your feet
Using the suitable shoes and having a good foot hygiene can avoid food odor

Symptoms of bad smell in the feet and armpits

- Bad smell of feet,

- Sweaty feet

- Excessive sweating in the armpits

- Sweaty feet, etc..

Why is feet sweat so intense?

The main causes that produce intense sweat in the feet are:

- Shoes: Some shoes equipped with poor ventilation lead to sweat retention which causes the necessary breeding ground for the growth of bacteria that cause itching and burning feet.

- Inadequate clothing: Non-breathable clothing prevents the removal of sweat and the appearance of of sweat in feet or armpits with the corresponding odor.

- Bodily reactions: Often adverse emotional states are responsible for excessive sweating.

- Diseases: Certain diseases such as diabetes, constipation or liver problems can cause body odor. Among the mean anomalies of the sweating mechanism, we have bromidrosis (= an anomaly that produces unpleasant seating) and hyperhidrosis (= excessively sweating, increasing the chances of body odor and other skin diseases). Other problems, such as ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc. can alter the original odor body.

- Menopause: It is common during menopause to manifest moments of intense sweating which can give off certain body odor.

- Food: Non-adequate food, poor diets, especially those deficient in zinc and vitamin B from natural foods, may be responsible for foot odor. Likewise, ingesting foods with a high percentage of aromatic and volatile substances, such as onions and garlic, or spices, such as cumin, can be responsible for body odor, because the bad smelling components of these products are excreted through sweat.

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