Double chin natural remedies


Characteristics of double chin

Double chin or jowls is referred to the sagging skin that hangs from the jaws, because of its lack of firmness. Its name derives from the fact that people who have it seem to posses a chin under the other, that is to say " a double chin".

It usually appears in people with obesity or old people. However, non-obese people can also show it sometimes.

Although it does not present any medical concern, it is an aesthetic problem that changes the aspect of one's face and makes him/her look older.

Characteristics of double chin

Sagging skin under the jaws, jowls, etc.

Causes of double chin

The main causes of jowls are:

- Age: As time passes, the skin becomes less elastic and more wrinkles appear, including double chin.

- Too much sun expose: An abundant sun exposure is the main cause of the appearance of jowls. The sun dries the skin and destroys the collagen and elastin so that it produces skin aging and the possibility that skin becomes more hanging in areas where it appears more abundantly, such as under the jaws.

- Obesity: Excess weight makes the accumulation of fat under the jaw, which, combined with the low elasticity of the skin, produces jowls.

- Inheritance: There is some genetic predisposition to have more double chin if our ancestors also suffer it.

- Personal characteristics: Some people have a tendency to develop it depending on their skin consistency and their body structures. For example those ones with shorter necks makes it more visible.

Treatment of double chin

Reducing weight, practicing physical exercise and undertaking a natural healthy diet are the main recommended advices to get rid of this problem.

The application of some cosmetics or using laser skin stimulation can be recommended to make this process quicker and easier. Following this recommendations, most cases of double chin are resolved.

In most extreme cases or if you wish it, you can also be submitted to cosmetic surgery to remove the fat accumulated in the are and lift the sagging skin. It requires local or total anesthesia. You should remain a couple of days in the hospital and remain at home for two weeks.

Another way of removing double chin is the liposuction technique, consisting in extracting the excess of fat by means of a tube which is introduced in the area through a little cut. It only requires local anesthesia Although you can go home after it, it is recommended to stay one night in the hospital. In this case you should leave your work place for a week and wear some specific equipment to model the treated area under your jaws for one or two weeks.

Another new technique, called featherlift or threadlift, consists on introducing some threads behind the ears in order to be used to lift your double chin and get rid of it. In is practiced under local anesthesia and you do not have to remain in the hospital for a night. The healing process is very quick.

The natural treatment of double chin involves the use of a number of resources to help reaffirm this type of skin.

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