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How to alleviate headache or migraine



In order to diminish headaches we would have to consider the following advice:

- Practice physical exercise habitually: Exercise or physical activity according to the possibilities of each person is a good way to prevent or relieve headache. Exercise relaxes the muscles and releases tension, one of the fundamental causes of the appearance of numerous migraines.

Additionally, endorphins are released during exercise, a type of natural hormone with properties similar to morphine whose main function is to remove the pain. In case of severe headache, exercise should not be performed because this could worsen the pain.

- Control your diet: Some foods can cause severe headaches. Among them, the NON recommended ones are:

- Nitrates (hot dogs, sausages, frankfurters, hot dogs, etc)

- Monosodium glutamate (most Chinese food preparations)

- Drinks with caffeine (coffee or colas): caffeine in moderate use can relieve headache, but, when taken in excess, it increases it.

- Food with tyramine (Chocolate, cheese, nuts, some alcoholic preparations)

In addition to these foods, hunger can cause headaches, so it is recommended to eat at indicated times.

- Use relaxation techniques: Control your breathing (deep breathing using the diaphragm); practice self-massage, pressing the body parts that are tight (neck, shoulders, the area of the palm of the hand between the thumb and forefinger).

These are techniques that are easily learned and can release tension, which is expressed positively in a lower incidence of headaches. There are support groups where people can go to practice or learn these techniques.

It may be convenient to use any of the following therapies:

- Massage

- Yoga

- Shiatsu

- Chiromassage

- Reflexology

- Etc.

- Get enough sleep: Sleeping well is the best way to relax the body. A room well insulated from external noise, a comfortable bed and a proper position on the mattress will help relax the muscles so as to feel better on the following day. We must prevent having our head in a bad position, which would force the neck muscles and lead to headache. We must sleep and rest well. Sleeping too much can also cause headaches.

- Adopt a new attitude to life: Too demanding people tend to have more headaches. Those who are more conformist and do not impose themselves so high goals in life, have less headaches. Sometimes you need to be more thoughtful and not to be swayed by the frantic pace of life so that the body is not so stressed and manifests this by repeated headaches.

- Relax your eyes: Many headaches are caused by eye strain. Being a long time at the computer, reading, performing visual tasks can need a lot of concentration which causes discomfort. It is important to rest from time to time from this type of activity. The strong sunlight or any intense light source can cause headaches. In summer or spring, when there is too much light outside, it is useful to use sunglasses.

- Implement some home remedies: sometimes the application of home remedies, such as to wet your forehead and neck with cold or warm water reduces the headache.

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