Stomach hernia



Among the advice that must be taken into account in preventing reflux of gastric juice into the esophagus We can consider the following:

- Correct use of meals: Light meals should be made: eat several times a day, light food. Do not take food too rich in fat, spicy, or sugary foods and replace them with plant foods rich in fiber and protein.

Eat slowly to avoid swallowing air that is expelled after mixing with acid.

Avoid fatty foods when they are personally causing natural acidity (citrus - lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, etc. - Tomatoes, cabbage, etc.).

- Correct use of drinks: If possible, do not drink during meals. Avoid carbonated drinks or those containing alcohol or caffeine (coffee, chocolate, spirits in general)

- Avoid exercise after meals.

- Rational use of the bed: Do not lie down after eating. Do not lie with your abdomen directly pressing on the bed; lie on your side. Try to have your head higher than the body when lying down.

- Control the first symptoms of acidity: Drink water, milk or take a natural antacid when you experience the first symptoms of heartburn, so as not to allow it to become worse.

- Avoid obesity and constipation.

- Do not smoke.

- Correct use of clothes: Do not wear too tight clothes that could press the abdomen too much.

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