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Characteristics of ingrown nails

An ingrown nail or whitlow is an infection that occurs around the nails of the feet or hands. It produces a redness around the nail, with a prominent ridge and a sensation of heat and pain.

If not treated well, the infection can spread and affect not only the entire finger, but other parts of the body.

Symptoms of ingrown nails

The main symptoms of ingrown nails are: reddening of the nail edge, pain, burning, etc.

Causes of ingrown nails

Among the main causes of ingrown nails, we can point out the following:

- Bacteria: These inflammations are often caused by a bacteria, when there is a cut or a wound which let the bacteria penetrate.

- Herpes zoster: Sometimes the disease is performed by the zoster virus. In this case it is more common in fingernails and children who become infected by sucking his fingers.

- Low defenses: When a body is weak there is a greater ease of acquiring infections.


To avoid the appearance of ingrown nails you would have to consider the following tips:

- Wash your hands regularly.

- Do not let children suck their fingers.

- Maintain a proper foot care, controlling excessive sweating, cutting the nails properly. (The nails of the feet must be cut into a rounded shape, respecting the shape of the feet. Hand nails have to be cut straight.)

- Keep a natural food diet, especially rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C.

The natural treatment of ingrown nails involves using some natural remedies that can improve o avoid it.

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