Natural treatment of autoimmune disease

Remedies for autoimmune diseases


How to improve autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune diseases are caused by an immune system disorder in which the body's defenses attack its own cells, causing various damages. The truth is that the exact causes that produce autoimmune disease are not knownand for this reason becomes more complex treatment.

Lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis or Crohn's disease are examples of autoimmune diseases.

These diseases always require medical supervision.

Due to the autoimmune nature, not performing a treatment is harmful and damaging to the body.

What can I do if I have just been said I have an autoimmune disease?

Malar rash, characteristic of lupus
Malar rash picture, characteristic of lupus. Drawing courtesy of ©Dibujosparapintar

The first thing you have to do if diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder is to consult a medical expert on the disease. For example, there are different types of lupus, which require different treatment. A suitably qualified and experienced medical professional is recommended.

To find experts in your country you can contact the College of Physicians, or ask professionals such as doctors or professors at the University of Medicine. Associations of patients can also provide guidance on the most frequently asked questions and offer support.

Natural treatment of autoimmune diseases

Natural therapies that can be very beneficial for autoimmune diseases have been described:

- Satisfactory medical and psychological monitoring

- Reduce stress: Many studies have shown that the practice of yoga, meditation, massages, mindfulness or relaxation techniques generally have very positive results in the treatment of these diseases.

- Sleep enough hours: Insomnia worsens the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It is necessary to solve any sleep disorder that is presented to rest properly.

Medicinal herbs and supplements for autoimmune disorders

- Probiotic supplements: They have had positive results in the treatment of certain immune diseases, although in some cases are contraindicated (* See contraindications)

- Medicinal plants: Phytotherapy for autoimmune diseases is based on the use of plants to improve the digestive symptoms and soothe the nerves that can be produced by this type of diseases. Mint is most often used to improve global symptoms of autoimmune diseases affecting the bowel plant.

Attention: ! Plants that increase defenses and other supplements with proven effects to boost the immune system are totally contraindicated

* See:

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- Natural Remedies for Colitis

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- Natural Remedies Multiple Sclerosis

Food for autoimmune diseases

Cookies of any kind and industrial processed food in general are not suitable

A healthy and proper diet can improve many symptoms of autoimmune diseases, so it is generally recommended for health.

Food has a role in the intestine, because some components of food may develop immune responses (immune system is concentrated in the intestines).

It may be that in some cases the diet is insufficient to improve an autoimmune disease significantly, although it should be noted that an inadequate diet worsen its symptoms.

*Related information: Prohibited foods in autoimmune diseases

It is best to put yourself in the hands of nutritionists, dietitians experts in diet therapy for autoimmune diseases personal advice. Treatment should always be performed under medical supervision (Consult dietitians' associations or universities).

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