Pancreatitis natural treatment

How to cure pancreas inflammation naturally


Is pancreatitis a dangerous disease?

Pancreatitis is a serious disease of the pancreas in which this organ is inflamed and may lose some or all of its ability to digest food.

In the worst cases there may be complications such as diabetes.

This disease is serious and should be treated by a qualified physician.

What is the purpose of natural treatment for pancreatitis?

The natural treatment at any time can replace medical advice and should be performed under the doctor's supervision.

Treatments for pancreatitis imply:

- Medical treatment: It is a serious disease and should be treated by professionals.

- Proper diet for pancreatitis

- Supplements to prevent vitamin deficiency

- Plants for pain that do not stimulate the pancreas.

Characteristics of pancreatitis

Treatment of pancreatitis

- Hospitalization during the early days. During this period intravenous fluids are given ( one can not eat because there is to much pain), analgesics for pain, and in some cases, nasogastric intubation(nutritive preparations that are ingested through a tube).

- Removal of gall stones in the event that they were the cause of pancreatitis.

- Removal of tobacco and alcohol.

- Diet food introduction.

Bad food for pancreatitis
Print - summary of the recommended foods for pancreatitis

- Pancreatic enzymes: When the pancreas loses its functions to produce digestive juices, the doctor has to prescribe pancreatic enzymes . These substances help to digest food to break them into small molecules that can be absorbed.

Pancreatic enzymes make pancreas function. Otherwise, food can not be digested and it is excreted whole in the stool (steatorrhea or oily stools).

Because the pancreas is a digestive organ, it is essential an adequate dietary treatment. People with pancreatitis should eat very simply and naturally, avoiding excessive processed foods or condiments.

If you have a pancreatitis attack, you should take a strict diet to introduce foods properly so that no diarrhea or other serious consequences can appear

In general the diet should be:

- Rich in cereals such as rice and vegetables low in fiber (zucchini, tomatoes...) or tuberous vegetable roots. (carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, manioc, etc.)

- Simple cooked , without too many herbs or spices that stimulate the digestive organs.

- Low in fat: Olive oil in low doses is most recommended.

* Consult about Food suitable for pancreatitis in the upper section of the list.

Supplements for pancreatitis

Supplementation should be prescribed by a doctor because inadequate doses of these vitamins can be toxic (more):

- Vitamin A : It has antioxidant properties so it protects the tissues of vital organs, the digestive mucosa, eyes and skin. One of the symptoms of deficiency of this vitamin are dry eyes. It is advisable to take this vitamin in those cases in which there is a malabsorption (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, pancreatitis, hepatic disease, etc.).

- Vitamin E: Vitamin E is considered the heart vitamin, since it is necessary to take this vitamin RDA to have a healthy heart. It is found in olive oil as tocopherols. Because in pancreatitis there is a fat malabsorption and steatorrhea (fat in the stool), even though you take vitamin E foods, you should supplement your diet with this vitamin.

- Vitamin D: It is necessary to absorb calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the intestine, to attain bone mineralization and increased protection against osteoporosis. It is found in animal fats and our organism can obtain low doses from sun exposure. (See calcium and vitamin D in vegetarianism)

- Vitamin K: This vitamin is necessary for blood clots occur so that they will be able, for example, to close a wound or stop nosebleeds . A deficiency occurs when wounds take time to heal and bleeding takes a long time to stop, even when there are minor cuts.

- Triglycerides of short and medium chain: These are decompose fats and fatty acids, so that no intervention is needed for pancreatic juices to digest them.

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