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Tips to avoid swollen legs

In order to avoid leg pain due to fluid retention we would have to consider the following advice:

- Try to avoid having the legs in rest for a very time: very sedentary activities that require sitting still, allow legs fluid retention occur in them. This is very common in air travelers or in people who work in offices. In these circumstances it is appropriate to rise from time to time or move the legs as much as possible.

Lying down, placing your feet in a higher position than the body, is a way to let blood from the legs to the heart making it easier to break them and reduces bloating.

These tips should be considered especially during pregnancy and the menopause, periods of the woman in which there is usually a tendency to accumulate liquids.

- Practice regular exercise: Exercise improves circulation in the legs and helps to overcome the pain and swelling. It is desirable, especially at first, to start with moderate activities appropriate to the age and physical condition of each individual. Walking is among the most suitable exercises.

- Eat suitable foods: An adequate diet, rich in natural food and low in salt or refined sugars, helps eliminate excess body fluids.

- Drink plenty of water: Water intake promotes urination and drags through urine or sweat, many waste substances.

- Avoid alcohol and tobacco: These drugs decrease blood circulation in the legs which may vasoconstrictive effects and may therefore worsen the condition

- Have massages: Massages help drain the lymphatic system so there is clearly a very appropriate action in removing the excess material and enable the return of blood to the heart. The lymphatic massage purifies the body, promotes the elimination of retained liquids and helps fight obesity and cellulite.

- Use suitable clothes: Tight-fitting clothing can prevent blood from flowing around with an accumulation of fluids. Be very cautious in the use of certain items that are often carried as tight jeans, which are often responsible for swollen legs.

- Use compression stockings: There are special stockings that produce a pressure on the legs and help improve the circulation in this part of the body. The use of these stockings rest your legs and reduce swelling.

- Take some herbal preparation with diuretics plants: this will help you to get rid of liquids retained in yours legs, providing you a great relieve.

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