Vesicles natural treatment

Natural medicine for vesicles

Characteristics of vesicles

Blisters or Vesicles are injuries produced in the skin characterized by having an elevated shape and containing liquid inside.

Symptoms of vesicles

The main symptoms of vesicles are:

- Swelling of the skin

- Pain to the contact

- Reddening

- Presence of liquids underneath the swelling, etc.

Causes of vesicles

Very common ways of forming vesicles are:

- The friction or contact of the shoes with the skin of the feet: This type of vesicles is very habitual in the blisters produced in the feet. It occurs very commonly in people who walk a lot with inadequate shoes or socks. Very common when wearing new shoes or when, after a period of wearing very loose shoes or slippers, we again use a harder and tighter type of footwear. (More information on blisters in the feet in the listing above)

- Contact dermatitis: Produced when skin comes into contact with any object or substance that causes a contact allergy. As a result there are blisters on the skin.

- By contact with poisonous plants: The contact of the skin with wild poisonous plants or toxic plants in the country or in your garden can produce vesicles in your skin.

- Corporal diseases. Some corporal diseases, like chickenpox, herpes or impetigo, produce vesicles in the skin.

- Burns: One of the immediate consequences of a burn is the appearance of a blister in area where this has taken place. Also, solar burns produce the same result.

- Freezing: Often, when freezing takes place, vesicles appear in the frozen area.

Diagnostics and treatment of vesicles

Blistering of some importance, as well as those that occur as a consequence of bodily diseases, require a diagnosis by the doctor or specialist. The victim should never prick a blister or vesicle so as to prevent this from becoming infected.

The vesicles produced by bodily diseases will require appropriate treatment to cure the diseases that produced them. Blisters caused by friction, bumps and bruises should be cleaned and disinfected. Applying a bandage will prevent the pustule to be broken and will protect it against infection.

The treatment of blisters caused by rubbing with clothing or shoes can be avoided by the use of appropriate footwear or thick cotton socks to avoid friction with the skin. The blisters on the hands by the constant rubbing with a tool can be avoided by wearing gloves. Blisters caused by the sun can be avoided by applying a suitable sunscreen.

punto rojo More information on the natural treatment of the blisters or vesicles in the listing above.

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