Prevent rosacea


Tips to avoid the symptoms of rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic disease that has recurrent infections. However we can prevent these to appear very often when we consider the following tips:

- Avoid sun exposure, both directly and indirectly, using sunscreens whenever you go outdoors. Always look for a site that can be in the shade.

- Avoid exposure to high heat sources such as furnaces, fireplaces and hot dryers in position.

- Avoid exposure to extreme cold.

- Avoid unnecessary efforts especially in hot weather or when humidity is high.

- Avoid foods with hot spices, such as tabasco, pepper or chili.

- Try to reduce body heat using the appropriate clothing, drink plenty of water to promote increased perspiration.

- Avoid application to the skin of the face of too agressive cosmetics or too strong abrasive cleaning products (industrial soaps, shaving lotions, astringents, exfoliating products primarily used against wrinkles, etc..) Instead, use mild cleansers for sensitive skin especially. Use natural champoos.

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