Prevent chilblains


Tips to prevent chilblains

In order to prevent the formation of chilblains, besides curing the problems of poor peripheral circulation, we should consider the following tips:

- Avoid exposure to cold for a long time and hand contact with ice or very cold or frozen objects.

- Do not stay outside completely static. If you have to stay outdoors in cold weather, do not remain motionless, try to move your whole body. Anyway, if not possible, move your members.

- Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, protecting the most sensitive body parts to heat loss (head - neck, nose, ears, hands and feet).

You should use a hat, a scarf or a balaclava to cover your head and gloves or mittens to protect your hands. You should also wear appropriate shoes. They should not allow moisture to go in and they should protect your feet from cold.

It is generally thought that wearing tight shoes and tight socks is the best thing to warm your feet. This is not true. Clothing or shoes should not oppress your body, because they prevent proper blood circulation. People suffering from chilblains should not wear tight-fitting shoes or socks. You'd better use quite loose woolen socks and a little hipper sized shoes.

- Perform regular exercise to improve blood circulation in your feet.

- Eat healthy: A healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, with lots of vitamin D can aid you to have a better blood circulation. (More information about " Chilblains diet" in the listing above)

Tips to improve chilblains

- Increase peripheral circulation: Some exercises could be done to attain this objective. We can rotate our arm in big circles to make blow flew towards the hands and fingers. We can also perform wide leg rotations to improve blood circulation in feet or toes.

- Warming minor wounds: Not severe chilblains can be improved by warming them. Use your hands to provide them soft massages or provide them some dry heat.

- Drinking alcohol and chilblains? A little wine or alcoholic drinks for adults can be positive to favor circulation. However there is a risk of drinking it in excess which will produce the opposite effect.

- Appropriate treatment of serious wounds: If we assume that our chilblains are severe or in case of frostbite, we must cover the affected area and provide general clothing and warm liquids. Do not rub your wounded chilblains or apply a direct heat source such as a radiator or stove fire. Never give alcoholic beverages to a person with a serious chilblain or frostbite.

Other folk remedies to relieve the pain of chilblains

- Perform foot baths, alternate hot water with cold water.

- Boil some potatoes. Use the boiling water to wash the affected parts.

- Make potatoes pure. Cover the chilblains with it.

- Apply compresses soaked with your urine.

- Before going to bed, put some cold compresses on your feet for 5 minutes. Later, change them with hot ones. Alternate them for 20 minutes. Go into your bed and cover yourself very well.

- Before going to bed, peel a cucumber and apply the inner part of the rind on the affected area. Cover them with a gauze to keep them there all the night.

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