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Tips to avoid styes

The following tips should be considered in the presence of this disorder:

Do not touch eyes

Rubbing the eyes when they itch is very common. We generally do it almost unconciously when we have red or swollen eyes. Children often rub their eyes when they feel them tired. However, this type of behavior is responsible for the appearance of styes in most cases.

By rubbing the eyes with the palms of our hands or our fingers we can provide them many bacteria that can cause eye infections such as sties or conjuntitivis.

So, we must get used to suppress the need to touch our eyes with our hands to avoid possible contagion. As a preventive measure, we should become accostumed to to maintain an adequate hand hygiene at all times, always trying to keep them thoroughly cleaned. A good washing with soap and water after coming back home is necessary to remove any bacteria that we could have gathered from outside. But, in spite of having our hands clean, we should avoid touching our eyes by all means.

If you have styes, this advice is even more necessary to prevent these may be aggravated by the addition of new microorganisms.

Never remove your stays with home remedies

There is a belief that it is good to pierce sties out to take the pus out and promote healing. Certainly there are some specialists who believe that, in some cases, could be suitable to puncture them with a needle to facilitate their drainage.

However, this practice must not be performed at home by any means. Only the physician has sufficient resources to adequately perform this process when considered necessary. Performing it by yourself could worsen the infection.

Treat your oily face skin properly

The skin of the face can be very greasy in people prone to acne. Excessive fat can access the eye area and clog the sebaceous glands or sweat glands of the eyelids. This can lead to a blockage of the glands ducts, causing inflammation and facilitating the emergence of styes.

Moreover, we must not forget that the excess of fat and other debris creates the right atmosphere for the growth of bacteria that are mainly responsible for the development of styes.

Therefore, applying the appropriate natural remedies for acne, and using appropriate masks for oily skin can eliminate the excess the sebum and prevent the onset of styes.

Avoid dusty or polluted environments

Dusty or polluted environments can accumulate dust or other debris in the ducts of the ocular glands contributing to the formation of styes.

Dust-covered places should be avoided whenever possible, especially if you are already suffering from sties so that your condition does not deteriorate.

If you require to work or to be in places with much air junk, you should wear appropriate dust glasses. These are prepared to isolate your eyes of foreign particles preventing them to dangerously access to your eyes.

Adopt a natural diet

Diet can play an important role in the prevention or cure of styes. Proper diet against excessive fat on the face can help reduce oily secretions, that could be responsible for the appearance of styes.

An adequate diet for the eyes may help keep them strong, preventing the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms responsible for the appearance of numerous disease sight. (More information about eyes diet in the listing above)

Avoid sharing cleaning or shaving articles

Sharing towels, razors, scarves, handkerchiefs or other articles that can be placed near the eyes can be very dangerous. Using them can transmit many microorganisms that can access the eyes and cause many infectious eye diseases.

In case of actual infection, towels should be washed properly to prevent possible reinfection or to avoid spreading germs to other people living in the same place.

Do not pierce sties to promote drainage and quicker healing

You should never personally perforate your sties. Puncturing them with a needle is not appropriate because doing this can aggravate the infection. This technique is reserved doctors only when they consider it necessary.

punto rojo More information about styes and their natural treatment in the listing above.

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