How to quote Botanical-online

How to quote Botanical-online in reviews, assays, academic works or whatever

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How to quote Botanical-online, website about plant topics, nature, nutrition and food

How to quote the botanical-online website in any bibliography?

It is important to quote the information that is used from the web. Quoting botanical-online website in the bibliography of any of your works can be done with any of the following examples:

  • Botanical-online. Information page about plants, food, nature and food. 2024 . Available at:
  • Botanical-online. Name of the article [Internet]. 2024 . Available at: [Consulted day: (write the date)]
  • Botanical-online. 2024 . “Name of the article”. Available at:
  • Botanical-online, ‘Article Name’, 2024 <>

Where can you expand the information?

All the articles have links to expand the information and to deepen more in each subject. Botanical-online articles are informative, but, logically, it is not a strictly scientific page that uses technical explanations.

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