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Medicinal plants

Sumac properties

Sumac has proved to be very effective against microorganism such as Salmonella, but it provides some other medicinal properties.

Suitable medicinal plants for children

More medicinal plants

Curative diets

The most healthy vegetables

All vegetables are healthy but there are some of them that amount much more virtues than the rest...

More curative diets

Natural remedies

Blackheads remedies

Blackheads are a consequence of a too much fatty skin. Some medicinal plants preparations can repair this disorder.

We should not forget using those plants with bactericidal properties.

More natural remedies

Natural food

Yogurt with papaya properties

A very good combination that provides many  health benefits. Specially recommended for students, smokers, people with constipation and...

Dangerous foods with nitrates 

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Perennial aromatic plant with leaves similar to oregano, widely used in Corsica as a spice for the kitchen. In Galicia it is used to favor the cooking of chestnuts. Its flowers appear at the end of summer.

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