Plant-based recipes list

List of  vegetarian  food recipes

List of  dishes made exclusively with vegetal natural foods.

Many of them are recipes that belong to the traditional cuisine, dishes that our grandmothers used to prepare, simple and nutritious. Others may seem more sophisticated, but they are equally useful as dietary resources.

This section is a complement to the study of plants and a recognition of the many properties that plants can offer us.

Vegetarian recipes


Aphrodisiac salad

Agar agar, dessert

Agar agar jelly

Agar agar,salad with tempeh

Aioli sauce

Almonds, dessert

Almonds, “Panellets”

Almonds, sweets

Anise, liqueur

Apples, baked

Apple, pie

Apple, recipes

Apple, salad

Apple, salad grapes

Apricot, cake with nuts

Apricot, salad

Artichokes, baked

Artichokes, breaded

Artichokes, steamed

Artichokes, fried

Artichokes, grilled

Artichokes, salad

Artichokes, soup

Artichokes, Spanish omelette

Artichokes, stuffed

Artichokes, with potatoes

Arugula, cleansing cream with zucchini

Arugula, cleansing salad

Arugula, pesto pasta

Arugula, tortilla

Asparagus, braised


Açai, geléia de Açaí

Açaí na tigela

Acai, Pumpkin

Acai, shake with banana and strawberries


Bamies Laderes

Barley, water

Beans, boiled

Beans, preserved

Beans, vegetable mix

Bechamel sauce (See white sauce)

Beet, battered

Beet cream

Beet syrup

Birch, beer

Blackberries, cream

Borage, fried

Bouquet garni

Blueberry, jam

Bread, Whole grain or white bread

Broccoli, fried

Broccoli omelet

Broccoli, raw salad with carrots

Broccoli salad

Broccoli salad with walnuts

Broccoli with white sauce

Brussels sprouts, with bechamel

Brussels sprouts, with cassava

Brussels sprouts, with potatoes


Buckwheat, and apple dessert

Buckwheat, blinis

Buckwheat, crepes

Buckwheat, salad

Buckwheat, salted kasha

Buckwheat, soba noodles

Buckwheat, soba noodles soup

Buckwheat, sweet bread

Buckwheat, sweet kasha

Cabbage, soup

Carrots, little sandwiches

Carrots, juice with apples and celery

Carrots, soup

Cashews, canapes with cheese and honey

Cashews, sauce

Cashews, with zucchini slices

Cassava, fried

Cassava, porridge with sorghum

Cauliflower gratin

Cauliflower salad with broccoli

Cauliflower, with artichokes and potatoes

Celery. salad with tomatoes and onion

Celery. with chickpeas

Chanterelles, baked

Chanterelles, with dry beans

Chard, pasties

Cherimoya sorbet

Cheese, ice-cream

Cheese, spread on toast with herbs

Chicory salad

Chickpeas, with spinach

Chocolate, cookies with yogurt

Cream, with roasted vegetables

Coffee, homemade


Cucumber, salad

Cucumber, salad

Cucumber, tsatsiki


Dry fruits cocktail

Eggs, hard egg salad

Eggs, scrambled eggs

Eggs,with goat cheese

Eggs,with mashed vegetables

Eggplants, baba ghanoush

Eggplants with yogurt sauce

Eggplants, stuffed

Endives, au Rochefort cheese

Endives, salad

Endives, salad with lentils

Endives, with avocado and yogurt sauce

Endives, with pine nuts and sorghum



Fenugreek, Ethiopian spice

Fenugreek, Garam masala

Fenugreek, nuts with fenugreek

Fenugreek, oriental couscous

Fenugreek, Panch phooron

Fenugreek, Raz el Honout

Fenugreek, salad with sprouted fenugreek

Fenugreek, Saambar mix

Fig, dry coated

Fruit skewers

Garlic, gazpacho

Garlic fried cabbage with garlic

Garlic, soup

Gentian wine

Ginger, gingerbread cookies


Gnocchi, au pesto


Guava “cascos confitados”

Guava, fruit salad

Guava, jam

Guava, shake

Herbal oil


Ice cream, chocolate, cinnamon and cream

Kumquat, jam

Kumquat, marmalade

Leeks, baked with artichokes

Leeks, vegetable cream with tempeh

Lentils, vegetarian

Lime, jelly

Lime, soup

Macadamia nuts, caramelized

Macadamia nuts, cookies with white chocolate

Macadamia nuts, salty

Macaroni with broccoli


Meringue stars

Meringue with apples

Meringue with fruits

Millet, pie with vegetables

Miso soup

Mozzarella, salad

Mushroom, pizza

Musician dessert

Noodles with broccoli

Olives, canned

Olives, cured with herbs

Olives, rolls

Olives, tapenade (olivada)

Olives, vinaigrette

Onions, omelette

Onions, omelette with potatoes

Onions, wild herbs salad

Onions, with quinoa and raisins

Oranges, bitter marmalade

Pasta, with tomato sauce

Pasta, with tomato sauce and marjoram

Peas, soup

Peas, with potatoes

Peas, with vegetables

Peppers, sauted with millet

Peppers, stuffed piquillo peppers

Persimmon, cake

Persimmon, ice-cream

Persimmon, gelatin

Persimmon, milk shake

Persimmon, salad

Pizza, with omelette

Potatoes, and onion omelette

Potatoes, boiled with green beans

Potatoes, pot

Potatoes, salad

Potatoes, with shiitake and mushrooms au gratin

Provence herbs

Prickly pear, cheese

Prickly pear, fruit salad

Prickly pear, shake

Prickly pear, soup

Pumpkin, baked

Pumpkin, au pesto with almonds


Quinoa, Caribbean – tropical salad

Quinoa, cookies with quinoa flour

Quinoa pilaf

Quinoa, onion, pumpkin and cumin

Quinoa, roasted vegetables

Quinoa, soup

Quinoa, with chard

Quinoa, with onion and broccoli

Quinoa, with vegetables

Radishes, with endives salad

Radishes, with onion salad

Raspberry, jam recipe

Red cabbage, salad

Redcurrants, cake

Rice pudding with milk and cinnamon

Rice, water

Rice, with vegetables

Rice, with curry

Rice, whole with vegetables

Salad, mixed raw vegetable

Salad, with wild plants

Sauce, Bearnaise

Sauce, Griviche

Sauce, Tartar


Spinach, with boiled potatoes

Spinach, with chickpeas

Strawberry, salad

Strawberries, with cream

Strawberries, with yogurt and rice

Tajine or tagine

Tarragon vinegar

Tea, chai

Tea, ice-cream

Tea, jelly

Tea, cold

Tea, truffles


Tofu, cocktail

Tofu, tofunesa

Tofu, quiche with vegetables

Tomatoes, bread with tomato

Tomatoes, salad

Tomatoes, summer salad

Turnip, soup

Varied vegetables

Vegan “yogurt” with strawberries

Vegetable cake

Vegetable pate

Vegetables pie

Vegetable salad

Vegetable stew

Vegetarian canapes

Veggie burgers

Vinaigrette recipe

Walnuts cake with kefir

Watercress, salad

Watercress with chicory

Watercress, sandwich

Watercress, grated with white sauce

Watercress, semolina

Watercress, soup

White sauce

Yam, chips

Yam, roasted

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