Tapenade properties

Uses, benefits and recipe of tapenade


What is a tapenade?

It is a French dish from Provence, originally made with mashed olives, capers and olive oil.

The word “tapenade” is due to the tapers, called in Provençal language, “tapenas”. In Spanish, it is called “olivada” from the Spanish name “oliva” (Olive)

It is, basically, a paste which is used as a starter to spread on bread , as a vinagraitte for raw vegetables or to stuff chicken dishes.

Our tapenade preparation

This is a different recipe to the usual one. We do not use tapers, but only olives, olive oil and some herbs. Use it a as a starter or as a dip.

  • Due to the salt content of canned olives, people with hypertension should be moderate in eating using this paste.


Ingredients of a tapenade

olivada, tapenade

Photo of olivada (Tapenade)

Preparation of a tapenade

  • Bone the black olives

  • Place the pulp of olives in a mortar and chop them finely with the pestle.

  • Add spices to taste

  • Add olive oil gradually at the same time that you slowly remove the mixture in the mortar with the pestle, till adquiring a thick consistency.

  • Add salt and serve.

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22 April, 2019

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