Who are we?

What is Botanical online?

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Botanical-online website is over 20 years old.

 Botanical-online website is a project that we began in 1999 at the family level, first by hobby, and then, with a lot of work, time and enthusiasm, we managed to expand it until building a referring site.

Many people around the world rely on us daily to consult the properties of medicinal plants, special diets, traditional remedies, recipes and tips to grow plants in a successful way.

Who are the members of  Botanical-online team?

The web has become specialized in very broad topics, always related to the educational world, plants and natural medicine.

It is written by various authors, among which, Vicente Martínez Centelles, creator of this project, is the main one.

In the writing team collaborate or have collaborated: doctors, phytotherapy experts, biologists, experts in botany and ethnobotany, dietitians nutritionists, university professors, engineers, farmers, pharmacists, great connoisseurs of wild plants, chefs, psychologists, physiotherapists, illustrators and computer technicians.

Social networks
Botanical online website is also in social networks, where new topics are published regularly.

In addition, various Internet users, over the years, have also wanted to contribute their photos, recipes, experiences and various collaborations in the project.

In this section you can learn more about who is behind our website, which is actually the fruit of a lifetime’s work.

Thanks to our readers

In addition to the technical team, there are many Internet users, friends and family who at some point have wanted to share some experience, drawing, curiosity, recipes, or  plant photos with us.

We are very proud of the community created more than 20 years ago, and that is why we want to thank them for  their trust with  the following much more personal details.

Botanical-online team

Below there is a list of the members of the writing team. To know more, click on them:


Other collaborators of Botanical-online

  • Maria Teresa Gavaldà: Expert and passionate teacher in plants.
  • Maica Castellà: Botanical and nature illustrator.
  • Jordi de la Fuente: Physiotherapist expert in personal training and injury rehabilitation.
  • Jordi C. Fajas: Clinical psychologist specialist in addictions.
  • Pere Barnola: Expert in botanical photography.
  • Anna Carreras: Expert in botanical photography.
  • Paco Alarcón: Expert in botanical photography.
  • Shirley Sinclair: Expert in botanical photography.
  • Vladimir Fedor: Researcher at the Institute of Natural Sciences Alexander von Humboldt of Colombia.
  • Kevin A. Cogollo: Researcher at the Institute of Natural Sciences Alexander von Humboldt of Colombia.