Study of plants

Parts of a plant

What are the parts of a plant?

In the following pictures we have included the main parts of a plant. Click to select the part of the plant you want to study.


parts of a leaf

parts of a fruit

The flower

Parts of a flower

Types of flowers acording to the corolla

Types of flowers according to the calyx



The leaf

Leaf parts

Types of leaves

The fruit

Parts of a fruit

Fleshy fruits

Dry fruits




The root

Parts of a root

Types of roots

The stem

Functions and characteristics

Types of stems

Bulbs, tubers and rhyzomes and others

The seed

Seed parts

Seed dispersal

Activities on plant parts

Plant activities are integrated inside each one of the pages of the different parts of a plant. However, those who prefer to study them separately can click on the following links.

Parts of the flower

Parts of the flower 2r

Types of flowers

Types of flowers 2

Types of flowers 3

More activities

Plant activities in flash

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