Characteristics of roots

What is a root?

The root is an important part of the plants. It’s got the following functions:

1) To grip the plant to the soil.


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2) To absorb the water and mineral nutrients from the soil.


3) To storage food
4) In some few cases to propagate, to produce a new plant

Parts of a root

This is the picture of a typical root. We can distinguish the following parts:


1) Primary root

2)Secondary roots

3)Root cap

4)Root hairs

The primary root is the thickest. It grows downwards.

The secondary roots arise from the primary root. They are not as thick as the primary one. They go sidewards.

The rootcap is a kind of protection the roots end with. It is designed to drill the soil and it is able to guide the root growth by perceiving gravity.

The root hairs are minute filaments roots are covered with. They absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

Test activity about roots


Choose the suitable answer in each case:

1) The root cap is meant to:

To attach the plant to the soil

To drill the soil and guide the root through it

To absorb water and nutrients

2) Which one of these sentences is correct?

One of the root functions is to attach the plant to the soil

One of the main functions of the root is the photosynthesis.

The root is meant to absorb nutrients and water.

 To know more about “The roots”roots: Types

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3 March, 2020

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